Jigul is under development and needs your support.

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Jigul is currently considered stable and mostly complete. The anatomical bases and diacritics are not likely to change. Vowels have undergone several revisions, and remain under review. A better vowel system may be incorporated later. Some font work remains to extend all of the possible vowel diacritics. Tone system is under development.

Jigul is dedicated to the public domain under the CC0 Universal license.

Jigul is implemented as an IPA-based font. Simplified English consonants may typed by capitalizing the IPA letter. Additional letters are available in the Unicode "Private Use Area."

If the font is not appearing properly, check your browser font settings, clear your browser's cache (CTRL+F5, usually), or try another browser.

Your support is important. Please send constructive criticism, error reports, and proposed improvements here. All contributions are appreciated.